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May 5th, 2020

welcome to the blog for the knitted wedding! @ 11:12 pm

welcome, welcome, and sit a spell!
in fact, grab yourself one of those over stuffed chairs
by the bay window and curl up with some of the alpaca yarn.
wonderful stuff, that alpaca handspun. we love it, too.
feel free to stay as long as you like. we're always knitting in here.

if you're here, you probably have some questions.

allow me to answer some of the more popular ones for you...Collapse )

i hope that's gotten you off to a pretty good start as to what you'll find here in this blog. the side bar to the left has some links to some of the more popular entries, making navigation a touch easier. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here and i'll get back to you promptly.

keep knitting!


July 21st, 2010

very big announcements and a poll! please participate! @ 04:07 pm

well, my darlings, the time has come! the extra special secret i've been sitting on is at hand, and you can all help make this a reality. so, without further delay, let's get into the meat of it!

i have been working with f+w media (north light craft publishing) and the jim henson company for the past seven months in an effort to birth a knit and crochet book based on the fraggle rock tv series. the jim henson company is on board, and the only bit left to clear is the approval of the sales board at north light. they have asked that i gather up as much information as i can to satisfy what they call "evidence of need", which means they wanna know just how many people out there want to have a craft book with creations from the fraggle rock show.

the publishers and i are currently trying to hammer out just what will go into this book. will it be just knit and crochet projects, or will we bring in other crafts as well? who among you crafty gods and goddesses would be interested in contributing to such a book, if such a title were expanded to include such things as sewing projects, beading, jewelry making and others?

now, you know and i know that if any of us saw that book on the shelf at borders or in our lys, we'd probably start freaking out, jumping up and down like small children and buy damn near every copy at hand, just in case we wore one out (okee, i know i would...) so if we can pool together here with this handy little poll i've created, we can show the publishing board just how badly we crafty people want a book like this on the market!!
so have a look over the poll below, fill it out and be sure to send it to a friend! let's see just how many people we can get the word out to!

waddya say? do you want a fraggle rock knitting book?

come on over here and please take the poll!!

now, my dear friends, post this everywhere. link it in your own blogs, twitters, facebooks, favorite ravelry groups and anywhere else you can think of. i'm considering renting a blimp and throwing out pamphlets. :) let's really start this buzz and show the wonderful team at north light publishing that we want a fraggle book!!!

i love you all. thank you for your help with this. i will, of course, keep everyone posted as new events develop with this book. thank you all for being patient with me as we worked our way to this point.

much love,

June 18th, 2010

a day of ink (complete with my first knitting tattoo!) @ 01:30 am

see the original post over on blogger!

it's been a whirlwind of activity since i came home from my little hemmingway trip to the mountains, and the knits are in full swing! but first, i have a moment of inky joy to share with you. this evening my husband and i went to our local tattoo parlor and got new ink. he got the black lantern symbol (and filled in the green shading on a previous green lantern tattoo) and i got my knitting ink on the inside of my wrists.

it's my graphic take on the standardized skill level charts. i'll try and get some better shots when it's fully healed. :)

do you have any tattoos? i wanna see! share links with us here in the comments, or add a photo to the fan page thingie on facebook. (links are in the sidebar, my lovies!)
much love,

June 13th, 2010

for a bit @ 06:53 pm

the website for the knitted wedding is currently down while we do some major restructuring of the "tonks" online name. thanks for being patient with us!

in other wedding related news, the entire project has been put on pause for a time. i promise it's for a good reason, and i'll likely be able to make an official announcement as to why in the near future. in the meantime, i invite you to keep in touch with us at our core site, where you'll find links to all kinds of social networking, patterns and updates from all things knitted. don't worry, my knitted wedding fans- the project is not scrapped. just on hold. :) it'll be worth it!

love you all,


March 28th, 2010

major site changes! @ 10:15 pm

my faithful few, please stay posted for more information about a site change. i'm moving the knitting blogs to blogspot! it's not that livejournal land has not been good to me, but rather than i feel i need something a bit easier to maintain what with a variety of knitting blogs to keep up on. semagic is a godsend, of course, but it's time to move up the line a bit.

i'll be researching about archives, and looking into having posts automatically update here, so that i will never have to delete this and it will stay updated and maintained. social networking and blogging, as far as advancements go, are an unknown to me as of yet. i don't quite understand all the ins and outs yet. i imagine it will be a fascinating journey to learn, however!!

also, i have some very, very big news that we've been sitting on for almost a month now. we are still waiting for more information before we can tell you all about it, so be sure to check back often, and i'll tell you what's going on just as soon as i can!


March 6th, 2010

the uniquities fiber farmers market @ 11:33 pm

was a huge success! we had a wonderful time roaming the booths and while i had gone in search of an epic sock yarn score, i instead came home with almost a pound of kid mohair and wool locks, died in a variety of colors. i did come home with one ball of sock yarn, too.

it was really great! i wish i had more energy to tell you all about it, but i'm just exhausted. instead, i have pictures to share with you. :)

uniquities fiber farmers market 011
rivanna river farm alpaca sample hank
100% alpaca
yardage as of yet unknown, as it was a sample ball.

uniquities fiber farmers market 012

uniquities fiber farmers market 001
pagewood farm fiber puffette
wool, mohair , nylon and "yarn bits"
half an ounce

many more photos here!

more to come!


February 8th, 2010

mission falls yarn, bridal top and 12's vest @ 07:47 pm

mission falls yarn 001

we were finally able to get our hands on 18 balls of this delicious yarn. it's 100% superwash merino and is as soft as you can imagine. i finally have enough to start the bridal top again! as you may remember, there were some gauge issues with the previous top, due to the weight of the yarn. (knit picks palette). this is a dk weight, and should work perfectly. it will look lovely with that creamy alpaca blend we've got waiting in the wings! i can't wait to get started!

in other knitterly news, i had to frog and restart 12's vest. the sizing was off, and now we're on the right path! it's only a few inches long right now, but it'll knit up like a dream. slow and steady for that one. i imagine that the bridal top, even though it's a larger piece than a vest, will still knit up much faster. leave it to me to knit a vest on such tiny yarn and needles. :)


February 7th, 2010

the unhinged design journal! o.O @ 02:53 pm

when it comes to knitting, the single question i get asked more than any other is "how did you come up with a pattern for that?" granted, i'm still trying to get better about writing down my patterns as i make them, and with that in mind, i created a design journal.

after many hours of research, math formulas and digital artsy fun, it's ready to go! it's over 100 pages of designy goodness, with tips and tricks to get anyone designing their own patterns. it teaches you how to calculate the yardage of any design you can dream up, how to knit the perfect swatch the first time and more! there's also pages for sketching, cataloging your stash and work pages for your individual designs.

it's spiral bound, making it easy to use and sketch on. the cover art is mimicked inside, with shattered glass faintly etched into each page behind the print. all pages are numbered and titled via chapter and the whole thing has a handy table of contents in the front. have a look below at the front and back cover art, and click the little lulu (ha! cute joke! little lulu. he he!) button below if you want to order your own. they're 14.99 each, and ship out in about five days. :)

front back

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

hope you like it!


xposted to my general knitting blog, tonks_knits.

January 30th, 2010

a drunken drunken argyle @ 11:57 am

this is the back of the drunken argyle vest, available from knitty dot com. the front, while adorable and wavy, is irrelevant to the post. but, there's a link there if you wanna see it. :) the diamonds are created in relief, with alternating blocks being knit or purl stitches. they repeat three times up the length of the back before reaching the armhole shaping. this is the vest i am using to make 12's wedding vest. sort of...

of course, yet again, here i am completely deviating away from pattern. i'm using the structuring of the back of this vest for both sides. there will be three diamonds across the chest that will be in purl stitch, and originally i'd intended to have these stitches be duplicate stitch over in other colors, but as the diamonds are reversed (and i don't much care to rip back and reverse the patterning at this point) i'm simply going to work them in classic intarsia.

the three accent alls of yarn are from the rowan organic wool line, and will solely be used on the diamond pattern in the chest area. the cascade pictured above will be used to knit both the front and the back of the vest. here's the intarsia concept i've been playing with:

it's just a basic thing, of course, but you can get the general idea from it. i'm trying to play with sizing of the diamonds, having some of them be completely different sizes as well in an attempt to play fun tricks with math. we'll see how it goes. :)

for now, however, this is a vest knit on us size 2 needles from sock weight yarn. basically, i'm knitting the entire vest in the same gauge as a pair of hand knit socks. this may take a while. ;)


January 29th, 2010

why there is tea. and bandaids. @ 05:27 pm

okee, so i'm clumsy. really, very clumsy. it's a wonder i'm not in a cast all of the time.

i was moving my knitting when i tripped over my own two feet and sent mohair and circular needles flying across the floor. both cats went insane, and trinity (the smaller of the two cats we'd taken in as a rescue around a month ago) seemed to think this was the best day of her life, what with metal circulars and fluffy yarn falling from the sky. my knees are skinned, my shoulder hurts and when i was able to get the cats off of the yarn, i discovered that both pairs of circs were split clean up the side from tip to join. *headdesk*

tea. pass the mother effing tea.

i've had a good cry, called my mum for some knitterly support and gone out to the yarn shop to replace the needles. we stopped for a soy chai on the way home, keeping with the good luck tradition of drinking tea when you break a needle.

mmm... tea...

yes. there is tea. i'm home again, and curling up in my big poofy chair with new needles to try and salvage the projects that went spilling across the floor. wish me luck.


i thee knit

knitting from "do you?" to "i do!"